1 - KHR dj - Innocent V2
2 - Drrr!! dj - Izaya&Shizuo's Happy Birthday book
3 - SNK dk - I want to leave, I don’t want to leave。
4 - KHR dj - Recitativo
5 - Special Release
And much more at bangaqua.com Be sure you check as well my raws if you want to get more love before it's released in English.

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Totally forgot about this O.o

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  • Rule #1 always post the rules.
  • Rule #2 answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 11 new ones.
  • Rule #3 tag 11 people then link them in the post.
  • Rule #4 tell them you tagged them


  • what is your least favorite color?
  • have you ever woken up early just to watch the sun rise?
    No, but I do go to sleep after it XD
  • ever searched for sea shells at the beach for an entire day?
    No never happened and I don’t know why I would waste time on it =x=
  • do you have any friends who were once your enemy?
    No enemies stay enemies.
  • do you have a crush on someone right now?
    Can it be 2D characters?
  • read any good books lately?
    Of course, manga books are all good. Last night was Tyrant Falls in love xD
  • what is your favorite book? and why?
    I can’t really choose only a book they are to many so please don’t make me choose OAO
  • whats the one thing you need to survive?
    Food (plus internet)

  • are you a cat or dog person?
    I like both but I prefer keep a cat.
  • do you prefer bright warm days? or cold rainy days?
    Cold but with no rain, but I like bright warm days too.
  • why is the sky blue? i’m out of good questions
    It’s blue because it reflects the color of the oceans xD

My questions now!

  1. How are you today?
  2. Who do you think will win Pasta from an Italian Restaurant or Noodles from a Japanese Restaurant?
  3. What was the last YAOI manga you read?
  4. Did you ever stole something? (from you family, store or anywhere?)
  5. This Summer did you travel? Where did you go?
  6. What’s the most embarrassing experience you add so far?
  7. Do you like? *panick*
  8. Are you in love?
  9. What is your most favorite object?
  10. Tell me, what is the most sexy part in human body (male or female)?
  11. Finally last question, did you liked this tag?

Tag 11 people: yay, I will love to read your answers.

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recommend me an anime and I’ll rate your blog


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Please do not remove credit.

Author: 제헬 / Zehel (thwsldl6480)

Translator: sexyassheichou

A/N: This was a request — love this little thing.

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get to know me meme - (01/∞) favorite male characters: kageyama tobio. 

"Do your best jump, go as fast as you can, and f l y.”

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Mazume Week | Day #5: Change

Dedicated to Yume - take this as my late birthday present (^^;)
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Beauty in the water tank (水槽の中の美ん)

Mangaka: Luco Akizuki
Gender: Yaoi
Serialized In (magazine): Chara (Tokuma Shoten)
Licensed: No
Pages: 32
Language: Japanese
Download: ONLINE READER (through adf.ly)

*Feel free to reblog but to not repost or so around without my permission. The…

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Sublime Titles:

 I totally need to get:

  • Husband, Honeymoon by Haruka Minami (digital release)
  • Oku-san’s Daily Fantasies by Noboru Takatsuki (digital release)
  • Love Pistol by Tarako Kotobuki (digital release)
  • Yebisu Celebrities by Shinri Fuwa & Kaoru Iwamoto (digital release)

Already have:

  • Honey Darling by Norikazu Akira (print release)
  • Three Wolves Mountain by Bohra Naono (print release)
  • Awkward Silence by Hinako Takanaga (print release)
  • How’s Your Ex? by Makoto Tateno (digital release)
  • Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love by Yaya Sakuragi (print release)
  • Sword and Mist by Hayate Kuku (digital release)
  • Hide and Seek by Yaya Sakuragi (print release)
  • Crimson Spell by Ayano Yamane (print release)
  • NightS by Kou Yoneda (print release)

Husband, Honeymoon V1 by Haruka Minami

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MUUUAAAHH! Look my dears! My current doujinshis collection! (the ones I’m selling are in another box). Look how pretty they are all together ヽ(∇⌒ヽ)(ノ⌒∇)ノ.

What do you think?

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Title: Your Hands Grasping Even Yourself

Artist: NoisyCell

Album: Your Hands
6 plays

NoisyCell  - Your Hands Grasping Even Yourself